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Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

May 2015

Winner: Emma Pope, Junior Sister, Acute Stroke Unit, Watford

Nominated by: Two members of staff

Nomination: Emma deserves the award as she is a great example of our trusts values. She is very good at involving all members of the staff from all professions on the unit and has especially been involving therapy staff on changes to the ward and seeking our input or feedback on plans.

Emma has also been a great additional support for staff of the frustrations currently had by a lot of staff on the stroke unit when our stroke Gym is used to house patients that causes chaos and requires a lot of movement of equipment, set up of kit and notes when this occurs she is good and warning therapy where possible.

Recently Emma was part of the team of staff that facilitated the redecorating of the ward while patients still on it and managed the stresses of this professional and demonstrated good partnership with all of the MDT when work areas being updated.

Recently into the post, Emma has started demonstrating good leadership skills on the ward when she has been of shift an example of this would be ensuring the MDM are gathered daily for board rounds, and the boards represent the current EDD's plans.

Since entering her new post we as therapy feel that she adds value to the stroke team and values the importance of good communication between the different professions and good communication with patients and family about their care.

Nomination: Emma has shown exceptional leadership following being newly promoted to a junior sister role. The stroke unit was identified as a ward requiring immediate attention to improve the environment for both patients and staff. Staff morale has been low due to the rehabilitation gym being used as a surge ward area, requiring all the therapy equipment to be moved out into the ward and day room areas each time this is used and compromising patients rehabilitation therapy.

Emma led the team to make changes to the environment involving the whole MDT team to make changes and be proud of their work environment and improve the experience of stroke patients. She remained enthusiastic and motivated staff to overcome a number of challenges and obstacles to enable the changes.

Staff worked around the decorators and Emma challenged negativity and turned it into positives. She has shown true leadership and has been a true advocate of working to and ensuring stall work to the Trust values. The Stroke Ward is a brighter, tidier and happier place to work as a result of Emma committment and positive can do attitude


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