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Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

March 2017

Winner: AAU level 1 Green suite

Nominated by: Jo Tuff, Staff

Picture of AAU Green Suite receiving the awardNomination: I would like to recognise and commend the team in Green suite level 1 for their compassion and working together as a great team in providing exemplary end of life care. It all came together so well recently when what could have been a very distressing and undignified death in an open bay for a patient and their family was turned around and became a very good, peaceful and dignified situation for all.

Nick Jackson (bed manager) allocated a side room immediately at request.

Domestic team, with guidance of HCA Lydia prepared the room. All the team supported Dr Louis Harpham-Lockyer and SN Anna Louise Robbins to transfer the dying patient to the side room quickly. Dr Louis and SN Anna Louise showed immense compassion and ensured that the patient died peacefully and with dignity. Whilst this was a very sad time for the relatives, their ultimate bereavement experience will likely be easier in the knowledge that their relative had a peaceful and dignified death in the privacy of a side room.

Thanks to a brilliant team working together, with particular reference to Dr Louis who stayed with the patient throughout. Well done.

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