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Developing our Organisation

Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

June 2014

Winner: Ken Burry

Nominated by: Thirty members of staff

Picture of Ken Burry with his awardNomination: Thirty members of staff.


"Ken is an example of someone who genuinely cares for the patients he is asked to transfer and the staff with whom he works. His portering is efficient and he has a wonderful manner with patients. He is a pleasure to work with and there is a notable difference in the running of the department when he is on leave."

"Ken goes out of his way to make every patient feel at ease. With staff and patients he's friendly and always has a smile. Ken will exceed at any job he is given. Ken deserves this award and much more, he is a credit to our department.  He is very companstional [sic], caring and cares for all of his patients. He is very efficient, hard working and will do anything for anybody. He is a genuine, honest porter that is always there to help."

"Ken is a major asset to our department!  He involve others communicating well to various staff groups to allow patients to come down for scans promptly. Ken leads our other porters to improves our service with better communication Ken is proud of our service and our quick turn around. He works well  in partnership with radiographers and doctors to give patient quick turn around.  Ken is transparent about our waiting times and proactive about how to improve them.  He adds value to our team by working quickly and effectively, talking to our patients and gives appropriate reassurance."

"Ken has been a fantastic addition to the portering team for radiology. He upholds all the values that we as an organisation and a department strive for. Ken is fantastic with the patients, talking to them respectfully and putting them at ease when they may be worried coming for a test.  He has a great relationship with other porters and all of the radiology staff (work in partnership)from consultants to helpers. He is on time, presentable and is proud to do the work he does.  He never complains, is efficient, is a real asset (add value) to the department and is professional. All too often the people that make a department work well are not recognised for the significant impact they have. Ken is brilliant and thoroughly deserves employee of the month."

"Ken is a massive credit to the department.  He is conscientious, kind, polite, punctual, efficient and extraordinarily hardworking.  From where I sit, I can hear Ken chatting with patients who are waiting for their procedures and his naturally affable nature and kindness makes for a really lovely atmosphere here.  He reassures anxious patients, has a laugh with those who are that way inclined and, overall, consistently goes the extra mile both for patients and for staff."

"Ken is our fastest porter, comes in very early and always goes the extra mile.  Ken involves others by communicating problem, such as lifts being down, organising ambulances to take patients from maternity, etc.  He leads the way with high standards going above and beyond& Ken is proud of the department's reputation and strives to help where ever possible.  He works well in partnership with all members of the team Ken is transparent about problems within the department and keeps the team informed about delays.  Ken is a huge value to the hospital with very good patient skills. He deserves this award more than anyone I can think of."

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