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Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

January 2015

Winner: Isabel Hlomani, Senior sister, Pre-operative assessment department, St Albans

Nominated by: Two members of staff

Picture of Isabel Hlomani receiving her award from Trust Chief Executive Jac KellyNomination: Isabel was promoted to band 7 a little over a year ago and has managed a service that spans three sites assessing over 24,000 patients per year ensuring they are fully optimised fit and well ahead of their operations.

The service has seen an incredible increase in demand over the past year, as such has been subject to a service review which will result in huge changes to ensure the gold standard service can continue to sustain the demands upon it.

Isabel has been integral to the planning and implementation of these improvements, leading her team admirably, furthermore Isabel has demonstrated all six of the trust values to a very high standard. Something I, her team and her patients have all noticed and reaped the benefits from.

Isabel has faced some extreme challenges over this past 12 months and has responded so professionally and compassionately to them all.

Isabel continues to go the extra mile for her staff her patients and the service as a whole, she is such an incredible asset to the service our division and indeed this trust, she is a remarkable Band 7 with exciting times ahead as she leads her team and service through the implementation phase of the pre-operative assessment service review project.

She out and out deserves some recognition for her efforts and determination, her desire to do the right thing is unrivalled.

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