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2015 - February

Winner: Claire Nicell, Hospice Champion, Palliative Care, Watford

Nominator: Four members of staff

Picture of Claire Nicell, Hospice Champion, Palliative Care, Watford

Nomination: Claire has only been in post a few months and her contract is due to finish in April. She has helped Champion the Rose Project and raise awareness of the way we care for dying patients on the wards. She has helped deliver education and training about end of life to nurses, doctors, porters and cleaners.

She works long hours and quietly beavers away in the background making massive progress networking with Matrons and other department leads to raise awareness and improve care of those who are too ill and frail to leave hospital.

Claire has not had an office and has had to hot desk constantly. She is in the Trust 4 days a week and has made a massive impression on all the people she has come into contact with. She is calm,level headed and always has time to listen and talk to staff. She is a great asset to the Trust and such a shame her contract is ending. The Rose Project would not have taken off so quickly without her passion and commitment to end of life care.

Nomination: Claire came to watford hospital on a one year contract to educate staff in end of life care practices as a Hospice Champion. Due to staff shortages on the ward, she perhaps didn't get to see as much staff as she would have liked, but those she reached, have blossomed in confidence. Claire single handly got the Rose Project up an running at watford, promoting good palliative care, and recognition to all the staff in the hospital. Claire has never had a desk to call her own but she found places to work and get it all done. Claire works really long hours, and just goes the extra mile to ensure that staff are okay with palliative care and the Rose Project. Claire looks after her colleagues well, and she has doubted whether she has made a difference to this hospital. She has and it needs to be acknowledged, and really it is Watford hospital loss when she leaves her post in April.

Nomination: Clare has worked incredibly hard to roll out the Rose Project and has supported the palliative care team in improving end of life care in the trust. The difference she has made will continue to improve and provide a better experience for patients who are end of life and their families.

Nomination: Taking forward, implementing and establishing the Rose Project throughout the Trust. Clare put a tremendous amount of time and effort into ensuring the project was implemented seamlessly. Well deserved achievement.


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