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December 2015

Winner: Sue White, Midwife, Pregnancy unit at Watford

Nominated by: Bianca Green, a patient

Picture of midwife Sue White receiving her awardNomination: My husband and I are both carriers of a rare genetic condition called Canavan Disease. We found this out when I was already 10 weeks pregnant. Sue was absolutely phenomenal in supporting us and helping us through this horrible situation, from arranging emergency scans to referring us to UCH for a CVS within 24 hours, to generally being so caring and supportive in the way she spoke to us. It felt like she moved heaven and earth for us and she made a terrible situation so much easier to bear.

We felt like we had someone in our corner to help us deal with the emotional and logistical minefield (we were booked in at Watford, our genetic counsellor was at Guy's and our CVS was at UCH so we were working with 3 completely different NHS trusts). Unfortunately our baby had the condition and so we could not continue with the pregnancy. The empathy, sensitivity and kindness in how this situation was dealt with helped tremendously.

I am now pregnant again and will have to go through the same genetic testing process with a CVS at 12 weeks, with the possibility of terminating the pregnancy again if it is affected. Sue has been just as wonderful. She has supported me completely through what is a very scary and emotionally difficult time and has always been at the end of the phone. We are forever indebted to her for the care we have received and I sing her praises and in fact all the midwives at WGH to everyone I meet. I would love for her to be acknowledged with this award.

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