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Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

December 2014

Winner: Ernesto Tamayo

Nominated by: Seven Staff Nominations

Picture of Ernesto Tamayo receiving his award from Trust Chief Executive Samantha JonesNomination: I have worked with Ernesto before and I can say that he deserves this recognition for his hard work. He comes to work with a smile and always ready to give a helping hand. He makes sure the patients are happy, comfortable and safe.

He does his work without any complaint no matter how difficult his assigned patients are. He would often be the last one to take a break because he chooses to make sure the patient is stable and all the job are done. You can really see how much he cares for the patients.

Apart from being patient centred, Ernesto would also be there for you to help you out. He is the best work buddy you can ask for. He would not only help you with all the physical stuff but he would also be there to teach you, mentor you and give you emotional support when things unfortunately get out of hand. When you receive handover from Ernesto, you can be assured that the patient looks nice and comfortable, the bed-space is cleaned and well stocked and you get a proper handover, no details missed. He is my Watford General Hospital ICU Nurse Idol.

Nomination: I work with Ernesto in Intensive Care Unit and I am a witness to his willingness to help anyone and even share his knowledge and skills to his colleagues. Also, He is exceptional when it comes to maintaining sterility, being organised and his work ethics is always geared towards patient-centred care. For me, he is an inspiration to anyone who wants to provide the best care for his patients.

Nomination: He is conscientious, delivers high quality care to each patient despite all the pressures and stress in the unit. Very good in cannulation and phlebotomy. He doesn't want to wait for the doctors if the patients needs cannula or bloods.

He has a good sense of humor and makes patients and staff laugh. Very organised; always maintain cleanliness and tidiness in his patients' bedside space and in the unit.

Nomination: Ernesto has given and shown his love and commitment to his work as a nurse. It reflects on how he is able to deliver good quality of service to patients and his colleagues. He is hard working, thorough, reliable and very focused on his job. He's never taken sickness and takes his job and the responsibility along with it seriously. He's one person who can you say would go an extra mile to serve and passion when it comes to his work as a nurse. You can never doubt his commitment to work and it just show how organised he is at work and his professionalism is superb. He is a worthy unsung hero for me.

Nomination: I feel Ernesto has gone the extra mile in helping patients and relatives go through the hospital journey with ease and confidence in the care he delivers. Having worked with him in his previous ward as well as in his present department, I feel he truly deserves to be recognised for his hard work.

Nomination: I have worked with Mr Tamayo for two years in the medical ward of Watford General Hospital and he has shown exemplary service towards his patients. He is able to carry out patient care with good humour and at the same time maintaining dignity and patient choice. I have never seen him waiver in times of pressure he is able to deal with all the challenges he faces be it medical related or dealing with distressed patients or relatives or difficult medical professional.

He is very well liked and a popular character in an out of work. He is very dedicated to his profession and strives to improve himself academically by taking up courses to enhance his skills. He has never taken a sick day since he started at the Trust 11 years ago. This is something that not a lot of people know and I feel that he deserves to be recognised for his effort and be acknowledged as an unsung hero for his hard work and dedication that only a handful of people can match.

Nomination: I would like to nominate my colleague Ernesto for a staff excellence award. Why I would like to nominate him? This question evoked several thoughts which I would like share here. When one of his friends asked a well known sculptor, why you take more time to finish your work the sculptor replied "nobody cares for the backside of a forward facing sculptor, but I do. Even though nobody can see how it looks on its back, but God does." Similarly I have observed the above mentioned sculptors quality in my colleague. He takes that 'extra effort' in delivering effectiveness care to patients. I would have said effort, if it is only assigned duties of his patient. I did say extra effort because the beneficiaries include colleagues, new nurses and even agency nurses. He does care for the 'back side of the sculpture'. I mean the areas which nobody even notice or take into account. He does top-up the infection control measures by doing normal measures twice or thrice. He is 'transparent' in delivering care with proper explanations to patients and relatives. He works in the Intensive Care Unit of Watford Hospital.

While on duty, he helps his buddy nurse and extends his hands for the needed staff. He shares his knowledge and expertise that he gained over the last 11 years in cardiology department and Cardiac Care Unit of our hospital. I have seen even Cardiology Consultants asking whether Ernesto is on duty to help with cardiac procedures. Responsibilities are taken not given. I think this ideology has been reflected and has been reflecting in his career. He takes the extra responsibility and fulfils it extraordinarily. He involves others to our common goals and works in partnership. 'To be recognised' is a need that may or may not be satisfied in ones life. But there are a few who continues their excellent service even though it has not been much recognised. As this staff award will pour some light on this selfless man, I am taking this opportunity to nominate him this year.

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