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Developing our Organisation

Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

August 2014

Winner: Jean Hickman, Interim Trust Secretary, Corporate Affairs and Communications

Nominated by: Stevie Pattison-Dick, Assistant Director of Communications

Picture of Jean Hickman receiving her award

Nomination: Jean Hickman has quietly been doing two demanding roles for a number of weeks prior to me joining on the 16th June. In the week I started, Jean managed to do a handover, whilst writing a demanding 5 year plan in just a few days - all on top of all other trust secretariat duties, such as Trust Board and committee meetings and managing the communications team as I got to grips with the role.

She worked late and over weekends at short notice to ensure that the plan was written.

All this has been done in a quiet, efficient manner, without complaint and whilst maintaining a sense of humour.

She delivered over and above on our values, particularly in involving others, leading, working in partnership and adding value.

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