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Developing our Organisation

Celebrating Excellence Staff Award

Award Winners

April 2015

Winner: Clive Banzon, Acute Admissions Unit, Watford

Nominated by: Four members of staff

Nomination: I have been working with Clive since I've started in this ward and I've been impressed by his knowledge and professionality. The way he approach with patient by giving to them all the care and compassion they need and keep them up to date has been an example for me and for my collegues. He is also an excellent team worker who everyone would be work with.

Nomination: At his young age he has achieved almost the position of a manager because of his didication to his job, a hard working man,he has the natural compassionate care to the patients and has the harmoneous relationship to his fellow nurses and all his co-employee. He always deliver a high quality care,very hard working,and intellegent enough to handle different kinds situations in the hospital.

Nomination: I think Clive is one of the most confident charge nurse at work, he tries to improve everyday, helping all the staff, teaching them, giving to all the patients the best care. He can be the best candidate for this job and he is gonna give the best of him.

Nomination: Clive is a very good nurse and very confident as a Charge Nurse. He leads the team with composure. He can make decision even under pressure. He is equipped with both knowledge and skills.

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