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Annual Report 2005-2006: Administration First

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Health and Safety

The Trust Board is committed to ensuring compliance with Health and Safety legislation and to ensuring the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees through commitment of resources and the application of best Health and Safety practice. This will be achieved through a sound organisational structure, undertaking effective planning and addressing the identification of hazards, assessments of risk, and appropriate control measures. The duty of establishing the organisation and arrangements to carry out the Trust's Policy is therefore delegated to the Chief Executive, and overseen by the Director of Human Resources.

Energy Policy

The Trust is committed to energy management, which reduces operating costs and helps to protect the global environment. The policy sets standards for materials, plant and building fabric, as well as target levels for lighting and room temperatures. The policy thus makes it the responsibility of procurers, providers, business centres and service departments to recognise the different age, usage and configuration of spatial environments.

Declaration of Interests

A declaration of interests is made in the full accounts. A copy of the full accounts is available from the Trust Secretary on 01442 287599.

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Statement of Internal Control

A copy of the statement for 2005/06 is available from the Trust Secretary on 01442 287599.

Freedom of Information Statement

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 extended the rights of individuals and organisations to access a wide variety of information from public bodies, including NHS trusts, from 1 January 2005. During 2003/04 and 2004/05, the Trust established policies and procedures to enable it to comply with the Act and to respond to requests; the Act requires a public body to respond within 20 working days. For more information contact the Trust Secretary on 01442 287599.


The Trust applied the nationally agreed pay increase to all staff and therefore complied with the Secretary of State’s requirement that pay increases for managers overall should not exceed 3.6%. The pay increase was in fact 3.225%. The Trust has a well-established Joint Consultative Committee, which provides a monthly forum for managers and staff side representatives to discuss and agree any changes to working arrangements or terms and conditions of employment.

Audit Services

The Audit Commission acts as the Trust's External Auditor. Audit fees per the 2005/06 accounts were 241,000. There were no further assurance or other audit services.

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Value for Money

Hertfordshire Supply Management Confederation (HSMC) was established in April Administration 2002 to deliver value for money for the NHS in Hertfordshire. As such it is HSMC's vision to ensure that it provides the NHS in Hertfordshire with the right goods and services, at the right cost and at the right time by implementing best practice purchasing and supply chain management techniques, whilst also ensuring the Trusts meet their patient health care and legal obligations. In terms of the right cost, this means the lowest economic cost without compromising quality or service. Furthermore, value for money needs to take into
account the whole life costs for products and services as well as processing and transaction costs incurred as part of the procurement process. 

HSMC have been performing this role on behalf of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust and have delivered significant cost savings as well as process improvements during the last financial year. Cost savings of 618,000 were delivered during the year, whilst process improvements included the continued rollout of NHSLA on-line ordering system (Logistics-on-line) which has resulted in reduced paperwork in the system, increased traceability and reduced phone calls. There was also a number of standardisation projects implemented which has not only resulted in reduced product costs but will also deliver benefits in terms of standardised products and reduced inventory. During the year, HSMC formalised the Beds and Herts Supply Collaboration, which will help to deliver increased benefits for Beds & Herts Trusts through increased purchasing volumes.

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Download a copy of the Trust's Annual Report:

2005/2006 Annual Report

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