Plan Your Route on Foot

Route 1: St Albans City Centre to St Albans City Hospital

This route runs from the city centre to the Hospital main reception and will take approximately 20 minutes.

Most buses that serve the City stop at some point in St Peter's Street which is the main street through the city centre.

Start in the City Centre at the junction of Victoria Street and St Peter's Street (the main shopping street in the City Centre).

Walk up St Peter's Street until, passing the Post OfficePicture of the outside of the Post Office on your right.

Cross St Peter's Street at the pedestrian crossing on your left.

After crossing, turn right and carry on up St Peter's Street. On market days (Wednesdays and Saturdays), the pavement can be narrow and congested.

Carry on up St Peter's Street until you get to the roundaboutPicture of the roundabout at the junction of St Peter's Street and Catherine Street at the junction of St Peter's Street, Catherine Street and Hatfield Road.

Turn left into Catherine Street and cross at the pedestrian crossing.

Once across the road, carry on down Catherine Street to Normandy Road, crossing Bernard Street and Dalton Street on your right. The pavements are narrow here.

As you reach Normandy Road, cross to the far side of the road using the pedestrian crossing.

Carry on down Normandy Road, crossing Ashwell Street, Folly Avenue, Kimberly Road and Goldsmith Way on your left.

When you reach the mini roundabout, you're now at the junction of Normandy Road and Waverley Road.Picture of the road sign at the junction of Normandy Road and Waverley Road The road here bears left into Waverley Road. Continue walking left into Waverley Road.

Carry on along Waverley Road until you reach the main entrance to the Hospital site. Turn left into the site.

If you know the name of the block or area you need to get to, find it on the map of the St Albans City Hospital site.

You are now on the St Albans City Hospital Site. Follow the path to the left and head towards the main building, the Gloucester Wing. The entrance to Minor Injuries Unit is to the left.

You are now outside the Gloucester Wing. Enter the building and the main reception desk is to your left. The receptionist will be able to direct you from here to specific areas of the hospital site.

» View a map of the St Albans City Hospital site

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